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A Lone Boat, a Fringy Dip and a Pink Toe… or some things to that effect

2012 is just beginning and the Nightingale is singing about some super duper projects in the coming months.

To begin with, Lone Twin’s The Boat Project is a fairly amazing piece of interactive travelling art and is funded by Arts Council England.

The project is one of 12 commissioned public art events that are happening as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The Boat Project is a beautiful idea made flesh, or wood as the case may be, and in fact is. The first stage of the project involved collecting pieces of timber with personal significance from members of the public throughout the South East of England, and turning these donated fragments into a boat. The boat (a yacht which was unveiled at the London Boat Show today) will embark on its Maiden Voyage in May, and will sail along the South Coast being welcomed by interactive works of beauty along the way.

To celebrate the Maiden Voyage of this vessel laden with life experience, the Nightingale is delighted to be embarking on a really ambitious, off-site arts and community project with their partners the Marlborough Theatre and Brighton Fringe.

Bathing machines are returning to Brighton town in May for Dip Your Toe

Today the Nightingale’s kitchen has been buzzing with excitement, as South East artists file in for interviews on their proposals for the project Dip Your Toe.

With support from Arts Council England and Brighton and Hove City Council, our team will build six Victorian style bathing machines which will be situated around the city. Each machine will act as a beautiful, mobile mini-theatre and house a brand new commissioned performance. Each one of these performances will be linked with a local community group.

Judging by the wonderful faces that have passed by the office this afternoon, Dip Your Toe is looking to be full of big surprises and marvellous new ideas in some very small, very special spaces.

Lorraine Bowen will be getting comfortable at the Nightingale as part of Culture Shock

Prior to this year’s busy Fringe season the Nightingale will be working with Brighton-based producing company Pink Fringe to present a season of work by Queer and LGBT artists in February and March. Pink Fringe is based at the Marlborough Theatre and they support and promote Queer and LGBT work including theatre, cabaret, dance, immersive art and entertainment throughout the year. The season is supported by Arts Council England and kicks off on the 11th and 12th of February with Lorraine Bowen’s Comfort Zone at the Nightingale.

I saw this show at the Marlborough Theatre and was completely engrossed by Lorraine’s ‘Zone’. I was lucky enough to catch Charlotte Glasson as her special guest (a different creative comforter was featured each night) who performed a set with a loop-pedal and quite an array of instruments, including knitting needles for percussion. It was top.

The show is being re-developed as a promenade performance throughout the rooms at the Nightingale and will be a feast of comforting experiences with new songs from Lorraine. You can keep up with her work in progress on her blog.

So those names again, they were The Boat Project from Lone Twin, Culture Shock from Pink Fringe and Dip Your Toe from we here at the Nightingale.


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