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The play that travels the world alone: tonight for the first and last time

Part of the excitement and wonder of watching live theatre is the knowledge that every performance is unique, and the quality of live interaction between actor and audience is all the more thrilling in the small-scale arena, away from the slick hydraulics and automated scenery of theatre land. In close proximity we can be acutely aware that the actors on stage are responding to the audience in real time, and that this particular performance is happening for the first and last time.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit takes this powerful aspect of theatre performance one step further. The script travels the world with no director, no set and no cast. The play is presented by a different actor every night, and it is essential that the actor has never read the script before. Presented to them in a closed envelope in front of the assembled audience, they must read and experience it right there in the room.

Playwright Nassim Soleimanpour is unable to leave Iran. His writing reaches out through the world, passed from person to person, experienced for the first time. The actors and audiences at the Nightingale in the past few nights have been obviously moved by being part of this powerful phenomenon. As one five star review put it, this play is “a wonderful testament to the power of words to transcend cultures and borders”.

Tonight is the first and last performance of this play by actress Rachel Blackman and it is also the last in the run at the Nightingale, so experience this play here tonight, it’s now or never.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour. Tonight May 10th at 8.30pm Book online or come 30 minutes before the performance. Tickets £8.50/£6.50


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