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The Nightingale selects…Brighton Festival & Fringe favourites

In the run-up to Brighton Festival & Fringe, the Nightingale team will pick their five top shows to see this May.  First up is Artistic Director Steven Brett, whose choices span dance, theatre and, er, juggling….

Steven Brett, Artistic Director of The Nightingale

Steven Brett, Artistic Director of the Nightingale. 

1.  Give Me a Reason to Live: Claire Cunningham. The Old  Market, May 19 – 20. Brighton Festival.

Give Me A Reason To Live: “A piece you need to be close to.”

“Hands down my overall highlight this May. Claire is one of my  favourite dancers and her exploration, or testing, of her body with the paintings of Bosch as a starting point is one of the most powerful pieces of work I have seen in many a year.  Grab a seat in the front row – this is a piece that you need to be close to!”

2. Dance For Me. Otherplace@the Basement, May 24 – 25. Brighton Fringe.

Dance For Me.

“This sounds really interesting – a 49-year-old father sets out to achieve his dream of being a contemporary dancer. Not a tap dancer. Not a tango dancer.But a contemporary   dancer. You have to love the Icelandic!”

3. Apple Family Plays; Public Theatre New York @ Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, May 2-4. Brighton Festival.


The Apple Family plays: “‘A privilege to be able to immerse yourself in.”

“It would be very difficult to overlook Richard Nelson’s epic four-play cycle, which follows the Apple siblings and their uncle on significant dates in American life.  There are times in your life when it is a privilege to be able to immerse yourself in a work that has a real-time feel to it.  Take the plunge and use the Bank Holiday to do the whole day!”

 4. Lorraine and Alan: The Bucket Club, The Old Market; May 21 – 22. Brighton Fringe.


The Bucket Club’s Lorraine and Alan.

“I properly enjoyed this really great first-time play directed by Nel Crouch. A modern retelling of the selkie myth, it won various awards at Edinburgh last year [including the Brighton Fringe Award For Excellence] and is now on its national tour…”

5. 8 Songs: Gandini Juggling; Woodingdean Central Park, May 3. Brighton Festival.

Gandini Juggling’s 8 Songs. Image by Alice Allart.

 Taking place as part of the Festival’s Without Walls weekend, 8 Songs is a tribute to rock ‘n’ roll featuring Bowie, the Rolling Stones, the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan. I am not a great fan of juggling as a theatrical spectacle generally, but the Gandinis really know how to do it.  And in such fine style!”


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