the Nightingale

theatre can happen anywhere

About Us

The Nightingale is a small, perfectly formed multi-artform theatre presenting great performances across dance, theatre, film and spoken word. The Nightingale believes that theatre can happen anywhere.

Situated above the Grand Central bar beside Brighton train station the Nightingale Theatre used to be part of the station hotel.

The Nightingale is not only a black-box theatre space. We open our entire premises to artists and the public and call our rooms by their original names, taken from previous incarnations within the station hotel. The theatre floor is made up of the main theatre space, the ‘dining room’, a ‘smoking room’ and the ‘kitchen’, which is our dressing room (complete with dumb waiter!). We encourage performances or events to happen in any of these spaces.

We want to remove the barrier between our primary theatre space and the rest of the building, to open up the whole ‘hotel’ to audiences. The Nightingale is a treasured resource for development and residencies, and all our spaces are available for artists working in Brighton and further afield. The work of The Nightingale also extends beyond our walls, as we programme off-site projects that bring artists to the streets of Brighton in surprising and engaging ways.


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